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About Me

I am a PHP developer based in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.
I have been programming in some form or another for around six years, from writing scripts to developing websites.

I am a completely self-taught programmer. I originally started programming to improve upon a web app that somebody else had created, and this sparked my imagination on what was possible with programming. Since then I have learnt several programming languages and skills that have helped to expand my knowledge.

Latest Projects

This uses grunt, preprocess, pug & a few JSON files to allow easy customization of the site.

The original design is by Xiaoying Riley and can be found at

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Other Projects


These are various userscripts I've written over the years to make both mine and others lives a bit easier on certain sites. Either by improving UX or adding new functionality.

Some of these also use PHP+AJAX to allow features which would otherwise not be possible (I.E: Endless History, More Favourites, Different scoring system).

Across all my userscripts I have over 2000+ total installs

More specific information on each userscript can be found on the Github repo which is linked below.

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Project to showcase various media of selected characters from anime/manga.

Much like this uses grunt, preprocess, pug & a few JSON files to allow easy customization of the site.
This also has multi-site support.

At the moment I have two sites that run this: &

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shimmie2 (Contributor)

An booru-like imageboard written in PHP.

Shimmie is the project I have been working on the longest (5+ years).
Most of my contributions to this vary from quality of life improvements, to entire new features (post relationships, image history etc.).

Although I'm no longer actively working on the main project, it was still the thing which got me into programming, and I think that's worth a mention.

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FTAG (Folder Tagger)

This is a personal project which is intended to be a manga/doujin manager which could easily be accessed on desktop & mobile.
It uses a combination of a forked Shimmie2 branch & a few perl scripts to make this work.

Due to how this project works, I really can't recommend it to other people as it requires a bunch of tweaking and setup to make it work properly as intended.

Despite the issues, this project shows some good examples of thinking outside the box to massively reduce time taken for what would otherwise be long tasks.

Other links: FTAGscripts | (Abandoned) FTAGclient

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This is the predecessor to the code used for generating It was meant to be used more as a interactive resume rather than a personal site.

The original design is by Pascal van Gemert and can be found on Github.

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This is the original design for my site. It used texttype.js & jQuery.livequery to create a site which appears to generate itself.

I thought this was a cool idea at first, then I saw what other people were doing.

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