My name is Angus, or Daku/DakuTree if you know me online.
I’m currently working as a IM&T Engineer, which entails a nice variety a nice variety of Web Development work.

I’d consider myself to be a Jack of All Trades. Knowledge in a lot of things, but a master of none.
I often delve into learning new things as a way to make both my life easier, as well as others if I feel it is possible. If I see an issue with something, I’m usually already thinking of how to make it better.

Outside of all that, I’m an avid consumer of all kinds of media. I’m fairly deep into the whole Anime/Manga/LightNovel world, as well a pretty avid gamer. I’m always on the search for something amazing that I may have missed.

This blog is meant to be a place to really output my thoughts on things, however crazy they may be; So apologies if some of my posts come across as incoherent ramblings.
Most likely I’ll stick to programming-related topics, but I’ll try and ramble about other things when I can.

You can also find me on other services: