Hello World

Well well. Here we are again for the billionth time. I don’t know how many times I’ve restarted this blog, but let’s try again.

Hello World, or rather hello to those who managed to find my blog.
This is intended to be just a little place where I can consolidate my thoughts, and work on my writing.

For introductions, I’m just going to point you my About page, to avoid repeating myself. Go read there if you’re curious.

Plans for the blog are pretty simple. Mostly development posts, but also other stuff when I feel like rambling about that.
I do have some posts from older blogs I’d like to import at some point, as well as something that could be considered a diary which I’d like to make public in some form, but no promises.

Will I follow through with any of this? We’ll see! For me writing is a constant battle with my nit-pickyness with words and phrasing, so getting anything out that I’m fully happy is a tricky one. But I’ll try and push through.